Hello, Welcome!

My name is Jessica Lynk. But most people call me Jess.

I’m a News/Internet Journalism major at Drake University in Des, Moines, Iowa.

I am from a Chicago suburb, where I spent most of my life. Two small business owners raised me, so a lot of my ambition stems from my parents.

I grew up in my high school newsroom, where I realized the world is bigger than the walls of high school. There, I feel in love with storytelling and the impact words have on others.

Today, I have spent a few years in journalism and a few years in the nonprofit communications world.


Currently, I work as an intern at the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden. I run the social media accounts while writing various content for the magazine, alongside crafting marketing campaigns. This job has given me the opportunity to hone in on my social media skills.

This past summer, I worked as a communications intern at the Greater Chicago Food Depository. I talked to the community that GCFD serves and told some amazing stories. Beyond that, I filmed video, helped with media relations and wrote press releases. This experience showed me my privilege and opened my eyes to a world I did not see before.

During my junior year, I spent 99.9 percent of my free time in the office of the student newspaper at Drake, the Times Delphic.  As the editor-in-chief, I managed a 22 person newsroom that covers Drake University. I spent a lot of time being the public face of the paper, editing stories and curating conversations to help editors problem solve and develop content for the paper. I also help spearhead our site redesign. The leadership skills I learned at The Times-Delphic were invaluable and I continue to use them every place I can.

Beyond experience

At the end of the day, I love drinking coffee, watching crime documentaries and writing out random story plots that fill my head. I also would never say no to a Saturday spent in bed with a good book and a bowl of popcorn. I also have a slight obsession with giraffes.

Writing is my life and forever will be. The pain and suffering that you can portray through words, but also show the joys of any moment, make every story worth telling. The human experience is an amazing process and I love to share it with others.

Hopefully, this about page didn’t scare you off and you’ll stick around for a while.

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