Hello, Welcome!

My name is Jessica Mckenzie Lynk. But most people call me Jess.

I’m a News/Internet Journalism major at Drake University that resides in the largest city in Iowa, Des Moines.

My hometown in Arlington Heights– some deem it Action Heights– which is a suburb of the most magnificent city in the world, Chicago (no bias). I make the six-hour trek to Drake about 4 times a year as I go home to see my parents every so often.

I spend 99.9 percent of my free time in the office of the student newspaper at Drake, the Times DelphicI am editor-in-chief of that newsroom, so I spend a lot of time managing the 22 person newsroom that covers Drake University. I spend a lot of time being the public face of the paper, editing stories and curating conversations to help editors problem solve and develop content for the paper. I also help spearhead our site redesign.

The rest of my (small) free time is spent as the Chief Marketing Officer for my sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta. This involves me creating social media plans for various events throughout the year, putting together marketing power points and teaching my chapter the importance of social media. I’ve also had to do a little PR after Drake (the rapper) rang out doorbell at 2 a.m. On top of that, I post on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as serve on the executive board of my chapter.

I like to say I stay well-informed through my Twitter feed (shameless plug to follow me), the news and random other sites I click on in my spare time. This encourages me to be a better writer and frankly a better human.

At the end of the day, once the paper goes out, I love drinking coffee, watching crime documentaries and writing out random story plots that fill my head. I also would never say no to a Saturday spent in bed with a good book and a bowl of popcorn. I also have a slight obsession with giraffes.

Basically, what to take away from all of this rambling is that I love to write and tell the stories of others. My heart belongs to the news room, where a lot of pain is seen, but the joys of the day outweigh that. The human experience is an amazing process and I love to share it with others through words.

So hopefully, this about page didn’t scare you off and you’ll stick around for a while.

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