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I have a lot of opinions on a lot of things, but I normally keep them to myself because I would love to remain as unbiased as possible. I find having an informed opinion on the world one of the more remarkable things a person can do, but I do not normally share mine online. Mostly because I admire intelligent conversations and that is a little hard to accomplish through the comment thread on Facebook.

I sometimes find it is hard to express my opinion through writing because I have so much to say and explain, that my writing does not always convey itself the way I want it to. I also do not always see why people would want to read my opinions over some who works at the New York Times.

Nonetheless, I sometimes take a swing at writing opinions, just because I believe it is important to take a stance on things I  truly believe in.

It can be hard in this day in age when reporters are fired for sharing their opinion  to go out and share mine, but I do on occasion because I live on the wild side.

Below are my non-important opinions about nothing super solidified in this world because for now I keep a majority of them to myself. But if anyone want to have a conversation with me, I would love to. This is a section I hope to expand as my career furthers, so keep on checking back to see if I *eventually* share.

I also like to think I am funny sometimes, so here are stories that I wrote about life, liberty and the pursuit of being a college student.

Most of it is dumb commentary on life, but maybe one person will get a kick out of some of it.

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