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Being press at cool events in Iowa, like the Jefferson Jackson dinner, lead me to sit next to reporters from the Boston Globe. Casual.

One time in high school, I stumbled upon a hostage situation in my neighborhood and sat next to the news trucks in my car. Police lined the street as a friend and I live tweeted the event. Later posting a story that probably three people read, I realized how much I loved chasing this adrenaline rush of being the first to know information.

I enjoy knowing things, especially before everyone else. I admire reporting. I thrive off of asking questions, sometimes tough ones.

From those questions came these stories; some I am most proud of. I also have had some cool experiences like interviewing the mayor of Des Moines, being within arms reach of Joe Biden, seeing presidential candidates speak 20 feet in front of me and collecting a slew of press passes. From those passes, developed these stories.

So please enjoy these stories that I worked hard to create.


•‘Hateful’ posters taped on Latina student’s door, campus community shaken | Online

•Vote for those who can’t: an undocumented immigrant urges civic engagement | Online

•Event educates students about Title IX | Online

•Safe Space trainings to begin this Fall | Online

•Drake implements statement on diversity and inclusion after survey | Online

•Senate denial of conservative group ignites backlash | Online

•UNITY Roundtable presents Student Senate with demands, orders change | Online

  • Updated: Student Senate works to change, address UNITY demands | Online

•Embracing gender inclusivity |Online

•’What’s a Caucus?’ gets international media attention | Online 

•Drake students grills Hillary Clinton on white privilege | Online

•Students see debate from the inside | In-Print | Online

•’We have nothing to lose but our chains’ | In-Print | Online

•Wait, what debate? | Online 

• Jefferson -Jackson dinner attracts students|In-Print In-Print cont. | Online

• Distinctly Drake Campaign closes |In-Print| Online

• Sexual assault program opens consent conversation | In-Print| Online

• Sorority, fraternity game shut down in light of recent events | In-Print | Online

• Sodexo to create collaborative board to give students a voice | In-Print | Online

•Sussman lecture series captures segregation history, audience | Online

• Santorum develops participation in political conversation | In-Print | Online

• Sexual misconduct program to compel ‘avenue of change’ | In-Print | Online

• Quad going orange? Clubs attempt compost initiative | In-Print | Online 

• New president begins new journey, gets acclimated with campus | In-Print | Online

• Audience of 730 welcomes Vice President Joe Biden | In Print | Online

• Goodbye, Maxwell | In Print • In Print Cont. | Online

• Tuition to increase by 4.52 percent in 2015-16 year | In Print | Online

•Measles outbreak at Disneyland sparks vaccination discussion | In PrintOnline

• Do Something Stellar with #15in15 | Online 



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