My entire life I’ve been questioned “Why do you ask so many questions?,” “Why do you want to be a journalist?” and one of my favorites “Why do you go to school in Iowa?” 

But one I have been asked the most is “Why do you pay to be in a sorority? You are like paying for friends,” which to me makes so much sense and none at all.

A year ago from this very day, I joined a chapter by the name of Kappa Alpha Theta and my life was changed.

Yes, I am tagged in a million more photos than the average college student. Yes, I gush over Lilly planners for hours because it is typical. Yes, I get cool shirts, but so does everyone else. 366 days ago I probably would have asked myself “Why am I going to pay for this?” But as my first year passed by, the question got dumber and dumber to me.

“Why is this a dumb question?,” you might be wondering…


It brought me to the weirdest, funniest, sweetest, most caring people in the entire world. 

It brought me to my big who texts me daily to make sure I’m staying mental sane. 

It brought to my companion. The one who lets me eat chocolate in her bed. The one who lets me text her updates on my life when she is gone for the weekend without saying how annoying I am. The one who doesn’t understand what I am saying half the time, but runs with it anyways.

 It brought me to the girl who spills mustard on her shirt and gushes over hot men in Rom Coms with me, like we will have a chance with Ryan Gosling (dibs). 

It brought me a million times closer with my lab partner from high school turned roommate. We probably wouldn’t ever see each other and our friendship would only exist through Instagram direct. Also, we probably wouldn’t be living together for a second year and be defying the “I hated my freshman year roommate” stereotype.

It brought me to the girl who will walk around our extremely small campus 200 times just so I can flush out all my thoughts.  

It brought me to the women who will stay up until 2 a.m. helping me study for a class they took last semester. 

It brought me to myself. The people I met through Theta pushed (and continue to push) me to be a leader, a confident human and an exceptional friend.

Do I think I would have met these people without joining Theta? Maybe.

But all I know is no amount of money in the world is enough to pay back how grateful I am for meeting these people.

So to answer the question “Why I am in sorority?” I just reply “I met some pretty cool KATs. Cooler than you will ever know.”


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